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Monospaced Lovers

A narrative platformer about closeness and distance. · By Scarlet String Studios


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Demo 1.4a
Hello everyone! Just pushing a quick update to the Ch1 demo. The gameplay content of the demo was completed a long time ago, but this update features some minor...
3 files — demo-1.4a
Demo 1.3a
New Year, New Update! Version 1.3 brings some new content to the demo, most notably... All 30 Data Files (you'll only be able to find the first 8 or so in the d...
3 files — demo-1.3a
Demo 1.2a
Hello again! Our latest demo brings a few updates, mostly in terms of graphics. Here's what's new: Clara's animations are finally complete ! That's right; no mo...
3 files — demo-1.2a
Chapter 1 demo (1.0a) is now available!
The first official demo of Monospaced Lovers is now available for download! To be clear, the demo itself is still in alpha. There's still some missing art and a...
3 files — demo-a1.0.1
June 2019: New Character Art
It's been a while since the last update! April and May were mostly spent on another project, but we've been focusing on Monospace again since May, and we have a...
March 2019: Ch1 Demo + Creature Art
With the release of our latest demo, it's time to kick off monthly* devlogs for Monospaced Lovers! * by "monthly", I really mean "hopefully monthly" First off...
3 files — dd25-v1.2-auto