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Is ST Reprise Edition 100% completed or is there more stuff to be implemented?

It's completed! I'm just sending out review keys to Steam curators and stuff like that before making the release date public.

I see.  Thank you for answering.

Hello, are you still on

Hey, yes sort of. Profile is probably out of date though. What's up?

Im gonna donate<3 This VN AMAZING<3333

The Song At The End Was SOOOO GOOD


Hi Eternal! Finally found you again so many years after reading your blog! Looking forward to more of your works

Thank you! Blogging might be behind me now, but yep, I'm alive.  New project will be announced... this year probably!

The game has a slow start but is really fun & enjoyable. The art style is very unique, & there are tons of cool references for video game fans. I look forward to your future work. :)