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You've got quite a decent setup going here so far. With this much dialog I don't know if this game will be my kind of thing but it seems as functional as the game mechanics, which is to say it does the job. The mechanics are actually pretty trivial once you figure them out-- am I supposed to be able to jump and dash upward infinitely? The game also didn't run too well on my system, even after lowering the graphical quality and the resolution (I have a shitbox but it is at least a recent shitbox, from ~2 years ago).


>am I supposed to be able to jump and dash upward infinitely?

You mean while climbing a wall? Wall jumps are infinite, but you should only have two air dashes, unless there's a bug. 

What resolution were you playing at? And did you happen to notice where most of the load was coming from (CPU, GPU, RAM)? I haven't tried to optimize for performance yet but it would be good to know where the problem lies.

Air dashes were not infinite, good to know there's no bug.

I think the resolution I settled on was 1280x720. I didn't examine resource usage.


Very charming dialogue style which seems to be the focus of the demo. Looking through the debug room gives insight of the possibilities of the platform.  

The double jump aspect takes getting used to with wall riding feeling a bit strange, but the gravity in game feels really good. Clare has got hops. 

Thanks for playing! Any thoughts on what made the double jump and wall slide feel awkward? Like what was the expected behavior in your opinion?

The platforming is really fun, but it took me a moment to figure out the basic controls. A lot of the art is obviously placeholder but that doesn't detract from the enjoyment of the game. The current sound effects are a little grating though.


The delay between inputs and their having effect is currently too random to make for a playable game.

Did you try the desktop build? I checked the web build just now and the input lag was okay (still <60fps though), but I think I saw the issue you're talking about during one of my earlier tests. Will look into it.

Desktop has the same problem, medium and high jumps it does easily but 9 out of ten attempts at a short jump are interpreted as medium.

Funny enough, there's not supposed to be a third jump. Just medium (around one block) and high (around two blocks). Now to figure out why you got a short jump...