A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Make friends, dodge bullets, and uncover the truth in this narrative platformer about closeness and distance.


Clara wakes up to a phone that isn't hers. On it, she finds a perplexing message left by a hacker named the Gòd o͏f̴ B̴in͠a̸r̨y̧, who states that her time left in this world is short. Her only clue is a series of encrypted messages locked on the device — and a mysterious new friend who woke up to a phone that wasn't his.

What does this enigmatic hacker want? Why is he talking about the end of the world? And what does any of this have to do with Clara's quaint and peaceful life in Haven Heights?

All we know for sure is that if she doesn't embark on this quest... her friends will drag her into it anyway.


  • A narrative experience with over 10,000 words in the first chapter.
  • Non-linear, collectathon-style exploration mixed with linear story quests.
  • No more silent protagonists!
  • Bullet hell platforming challenges and boss battles.
  • A town full of chatty Tanuki, not-so-chatty Slimes, and plenty of creatures that speak their own unique language.
  • Bonus hair accessories (this is important).
  • Old-school puzzles that will make you want to use the in-game hints.
  • A sense of wonder and adventure inspired by FezMajora's MaskLa Mulana, and much more.
  • An emotional, heavy-hitting story inspired by... well, that would be a spoiler!

What's in the demo?

  • All of Chapter 1, including the first boss battle (1-2 hrs of gameplay).
  • 7 Data Chips and 8 coins (+ a few more which are visible but not intended to be collected until later in the game).

What's not in the demo?

  • Character art for the human NPCs.
  • Environment art for few misc objects/items.
  • The contents of some data chips.

Known Issues:

  • Old save files may not be compatible with new versions of the game! If you see a black screen with no text at launch, delete the "save.data" file in your save directory.
    • Windows: AppData/LocalLow/Scarlet String Studios
    • Mac:  Library/Application Support/Scarlet String Studios


Code and Story: eternal
Character Art: sphenops
Environment Art: OrchidFox
Music: Michi


monospaced-lovers-win-demo.zip 299 MB
Version demo-1.2.1a 1 day ago
monospaced-lovers-linux-demo.zip 305 MB
Version demo-1.2.1a 1 day ago
monospaced-lovers-mac-demo.zip 302 MB
Version demo-1.2.1a 1 day ago

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