Demo 1.2a

Hello again! Our latest demo brings a few updates, mostly in terms of graphics. Here's what's new:

  • Clara's animations are finally complete! That's right; no more dashing under the floor or tossing items through walls.
  • Bosses have a new EX difficulty, which unlocks if you clear the battle on Hard mode without taking any damage. EX mode is just a single attack pattern, similar to the Last Words in Touhou.
  • The environment art for the sewers is mostly complete, at least for the first 3 floors.
  • Steam achievements are implemented, but that doesn't matter because the game isn't available on Steam yet... but hey, at least the 'cheevos get printed to the Player.log file.

^ Here's a preview of the first boss's EX attack. (Pardon the compression, it's a 3MB gif after all).

Meanwhile, we're progressing pretty quickly behind the scenes. Chapter 2 is already complete, and I'm working on creating the contents of the data chips before moving on to ch3. Once all of the assets for ch2 are finished, we might be able to launch the game on early access, but no promises yet! Until then, sit tight and... uh, play the ch1 demo again... or follow us on Twitter for a sneak peak at what's to come!

Files 523 MB
Version demo-1.2a Nov 06, 2019 530 MB
Version demo-1.2a Nov 06, 2019 529 MB
Version demo-1.2a Nov 06, 2019

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