June 2019: New Character Art

It's been a while since the last update! April and May were mostly spent on another project, but we've been focusing on Monospace again since May, and we have a few cool updates to show.

The most notable update is the new character art, shown below!

You can also enjoy the new hills and clouds while you're at it. Bit by bit, we're replacing all of the old placeholder art, so future demos will look and feel a lot more polished.

In addition, we've finally implemented alternate hair accessories for Clara. You'll be able to buy one of these after the boss battle of each chapter. You can switch accessories by examining the mirror in your room.

On the coding end, a lot of the new additions have been for gameplay mechanics that don't show up until later in the game. So, they won't be usable in the free demo, but we may be able to provide a sneak peak later on. For example, the shop that lets you buy hair accessories is implemented, but it isn't usable until after chapter 2.

That's all for now — next time, look forward to more visual polish and potentially a sneak peak at some post-demo content!

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